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Avaya Notification Solution

Enables communications for responding to critical events such as security threats, disasters, and production disruptions.  When event occurs alerts are sent to predefined groups who can then respond with status and feedback. 

Run on your on-site servers. Avaya consultants provide pre-installation support to ensure solution suits your needs as well as Avaya provides project management, remote implementation, and handoff for ongoing administration. 

The Avaya Notification Solution is able to notify multi-site employees, campus staff and students, even an entire community.  Send information or start a conference about company situations, weather, health concerns, or even criminal activities.

One X Communicator

Ideal for users who communicate frequently, manage multiple calls, set up conferencing, and need to be highly reachable.  Provides anytime, anywhere access to voice calls, audio conferencing, corporate directories, and communication logs.

This software client can be deployed on desktop or laptop computers running either Microsoft® Windows or Apple® Mac operating systems.

On Microsoft ® Windows platforms, one-X Communicator provides additional capabilities including intelligent presence, instant messaging, high-definition point-to-point video calling, and video conferencing. It can allow organizations to integrate with other desktop productivity tools like Microsoft® Office Communicator.
When one-X Communicator is integrated with Avaya one-X® Client Enablement Services, users have access to a broader range of unified communications capabilities including visual voice mail, conference bridge control, and synchronized call logs and contacts. Support for both H.323 and SIP end-points is available and can be deployed under specified configuration options.

Avaya one-X® Mobile

Whether traveling, teleworking from a partner's office, or roaming the main campus for meetings, Avaya one-X® Mobile lets a user quickly connect to the right people, at the right time. Users can access enterprise communications from a wide selection of mobile devices, including high-end smart phones and tablets. A choice of one-X Mobile clients is available for popular platforms including Apple iPhone, Google Android, RIM BlackBerry, and Nokia/Symbian.
Through integration with Avaya one-X® Client Enablement Services, one-X Mobile users have access to a broad range of Unified Communications capabilities such as visual voicemail, corporate directory, aggregated presence, VIP lists, and synchronized call logs and contacts. Avaya one-X Mobile gives users single number/single identity for both inbound and outbound calls, even when using personal devices.
Avaya also offers the Avaya one-X® Mobile Lite client, which delivers the Avaya Extension to Cellular feature set through a graphical interface without requiring the deployment of a client server. In addition, the Avaya one-X® Mobile SIP for iOS client provides users access to their enterprise communications (SIP only) from Apple iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad via a WLAN or cellular data network.

Mobility and End User Clients

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Unified Messaging

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