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About Us

Company History

Founded 2010

Seacom began its operations in Saint Paul, Minnesota, under the leadership of Sandee Ebbott, with a team of three women. Our primary focus was on low-voltage installations across the United States.


In 2013, Seacom was certified by WBENC as a WBE and TGB organization. This certification opened up a world of opportunities for us, and we started working with many large corporations and government contracts.


Two years later, in 2015, we expanded our services to include Fiber installations, Electrical Installations, and Project Management based on the recommendations of our clients. Today, Seacom has evolved into a fully integrated infrastructure installation company that caters to clients across the United States and Canada.


With our advanced technology product offerings and expertise in security and fire alarm installation, we have worked with many local and national corporations who have entrusted us to install and manage their extensive infrastructure.

Seacom Mission

Our mission is simple: To provide a superior source of technical knowledge and mechanical foundation capabilities to our clients of any size at affordable prices nationwide. We are dedicated to the highest quality of comprehensive infrastructure solutions delivered with authority, strength, and poise.

Our Project Managers

Our dedicated project managers and support staff work with our clients to overcome challenges, manage timelines, resolve issues, work with our technicians and vendors to control budgets, communicate progress, and continually keep our clients updated and informed.


Seacom project managers are required to be fast-paced and result-oriented. They are deeply committed to completing every project efficiently and effectively and bring quality and value to every project, large or small.

Our Technicians

Seacom technicians are Insured, Licensed Technology Systems Contractors. They take great pride in walking through design plans with our clients. Seacom clients have a greater understanding of what’s happening behind their walls or in their ceilings. Keeping all connections clearly labeled and organized elevates the performance of their solution and saves time when any maintenance or service is needed.

Our Seacom team focuses on discussing your needs from your perspective so we can help you make a plan that makes sense. The more we can help you understand your technology solutions, the greater benefit you can get from your solution. We treat every client’s business as if it’s our own business.

Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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James Ebbott

Account Manager - Business Developement

James Ebbott is a versatile and successful professional with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. He has seven years of experience in Country Club management and currently serves as a project manager at Seacom, where he seamlessly integrates psychological insights into diverse projects. James possesses exceptional communication, adept problem-solving, and creative thinking skills. His leadership capabilities showcase decisiveness, and his adaptability ensures success in varied professional contexts. Beyond his professional pursuits, James enjoys golfing, networking, spending time with friends and family, and exercising. He is passionate about ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of those around him, which underscores his character and shapes his professional and personal endeavors.

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Sr. Project Manager

Sr. Project Manager

Shawn Sumner's professional journey started with programming and web application design in high school. He worked as a freelance and corporate web and app developer before moving to the automotive industry as an IT Manager. His diverse experiences led him to his current position, where he excels in designing networks and engineering solutions. Shawn's skills include Windows Administration, Virtualization, Cybersecurity, and more. He holds multiple certifications from CompTIA, Cisco, and Fortinet. Shawn graduated from Purdue with a degree in Computer Programming and Web Applications. Apart from IT, he enjoys electronics, cooking, and music.

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